Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Students Connecting Globally Through ePortfolios

Neidlinger's 7th & 8th grade students present ePortfolios to the school board.  

 All student ePortfolios are located on the 'Student Sample' page.  The ePortfolios listed below, were presented during the school board meeting on May 5.

Front Row:

Katy S.- 7th
Samantha Z.- 7th

Samantha P.- 8th
Olyvia C.- 7th

Katilyn R.- 7th

This website has been designed as a template to be used by the classroom teacher and/or students.  Student samples, ePortfolio tutorials, and individual ePortfolio page templates have been provided.  Additionally, gadget directions have been included on the right-hand column of this website.  

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this ePortfolio template.

Contact Information:
Paula Neidlinger Lincoln Jr. High- Plymouth 7th & 8th grade language arts teacher
Email:  pneidlinger@plymouth.k12.in.us
Class Website- Neidlinger LA 7 & 8- Globally Connected:   Blog- Literacy ShopTalk:  
Watch the video below. It is a great reminder of how amazing kids can be! 

Students, must be encouraged to create accounts of their lives from different perspectives, different points of view, and to elicit and listen to the responses of peers.

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