What is an ePortfolio?

Neidlinger's ePortfolio Classroom Journey

Digital Portfolio in the simplest terms.....it's never too early to begin the journey!!! (watch this video)

What is an ePortfolio?
An ePortfolio is an organized, purposeful collection of work that displays knowledge, understanding, skills, accomplishments, interests, and achievements over a specified time.  An electronic portfolio uses digital technologies, allowing you to collect and organize portfolio artifacts in many media types- (audio, video, graphics, text, etc....)

What is the purpose of an ePortfolio?
Digital portfolios offer you the opportunity to showcase skills and kinds of intelligence that often are not measured on standardized tests.  Additionally, it provides an opportunity to demonstrate your technology skills, such as how to import pictures, re-size images, take screen shots, use a digital camera, or produce screen-casts.

What are the objectives? 
*  Interactivity & Collaboration- collecting, selecting, reflecting, directing/goals, and presenting
*  Social Networking- connecting ("friending"), sharing (posting/linking/tagging), listening (reading), and responding (commenting).
*  Technology- archiving, linking/thinking, digital storytelling, collaborating, and publishing.   

What will you learn..........

from the PROCESS:

YOU will discover a valuable exercise in self assessment through the reflection process.
YOUR self esteem and self-confidence will be enhanced as YOU take control of YOUR learning.
YOU may develop YOUR own goals for YOUR learning.
YOU will receive more recognition for individual learning abilities and preferences.
YOU will learn and begin to practice a process that will be used in life-long and life-wide learning pursuits.

from the PRODUCT:

YOU will have a tool for personal development.
YOU will have a personal learning record.
YOU will have a tool for feedback from teachers and peers; feedback in the form of comments, as opposed to marks.
YOU will have a concrete way of showcasing strengths to teachers or future employers.
YOU will have an extremely portable tool to use no matter where YOU are in the world.

What should your portfolio say about you?

 Does your e-portfolio have voice?  Incorporate audio and video into your portfolio, both as rich artifacts and to facilitate reflection through digital storytelling.

Does your portfolio represent-

a.  individual identity?
b.  include reflection?
c.  provide an opportunity to make meaning? ..........ePortfolios are essential for 21st Century Literacy, because they give you the opportunity to build a positive digital identity and establish your own online, unique self.

Creating a Blog:  
Students begin to learn from each other as they make connections, ask questions, and draw conclusions while blogging and reflecting.  As students communicate in the blog, they question and challenge each others' thinking, leading to deeper and more meaningful interaction, and begin reflecting on their own learning.

Blog as Portfolio-  
*  Emphasis on literacy
*  The opportunity to write
*  Promote continuous learning and discussion
*  Learning center for communication
*  Promote and model digital citizenship

** It is not a place to post homework

Your front page- or post - will be your blog for the year.  A blog allows for individual posts, which are organized in reverse chronological order and express an opinion or personal insight into a wide range of topics.  
create a new post for each entry
title and date each post


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