Presentation Agenda Template


Note:  This agenda can also be adjusted to use in the classroom

I.  Introduction:  
a.  Opening Question- Mentimeter Poll & Today's Meet
b.  Site specifics- Tour of the site with short explanations
c.   Individual exploration of the site- 

II.  Getting Started: 
a.  Guided Practice- Open your Google Account
b.  "More" Drop Down Menu- click on Blogger
c.  Upper left-hand corner- click "New Blog"
d.  Determine- title, address, template, - "Create Blog"-  *NOTE:  You edit these at a later date

III.  Begin Construction of ePortfolio: 
a.  Guided Practice- Construction of ePortfolio
b.  Click on "New Blog"
c.  Click on template (left-hand side) - click- customize 
d.  Guided practice on basics of custom designing site- **NOTE:  You can edit template at a later date
e.  Individual design time 

IV.  Design ePortfolio  
a.  Guided Practice- Set up pages
b.  Demonstration- adding Gadgets
c.  Individual design time

V.  Exit:  Twitter
a.  Open your Twitter account
b.  Post- How do you see yourself incorporating ePortfolios into your curriculum?
c.  Hashtags to use:  #pneid  #Inelearn #

QUESTIONS:  Please contact me at any time with questions on construction of your ePortfolio site.

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